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Cave Idrissa


Cave Idrissa

As soon as people do not call this cave. Each title has its own history or translation.
The cave is located near the village of Idrisovo (therefore Idrisovskaya), on the left bank of the river Juruzan. From Idrisovo to the cave is a gravel road. Direction will tell any local.

You can get to Idrisovo on any car. If you turn off the M5 road to Krasnoufimsk in the Kropachevo area, then after a while you will have to turn right on the Idris index.

At the end of the road there is a convenient parking place. Despite the fact that the barrier was removed, the fee is still taken from visitors. In the summer of 2016, they took me 100 rubles for a car. In the receipt wrote that for parking.

The cave is karst, formed in limestones of the lower and middle Carboniferous (formed 360..299 million years ago).

Length 93 m, width 3.8 m, height 2.6 m, amplitude 10 m, area 215 m², volume 482 m.

The entrance to the cave is at an altitude of 45 meters, if you count from the average level of the river Juruzan.

The cave will need to climb a steep path that begins just behind the bridge across the stream, flowing near the parking lot.

This is how the cave looks from the trail.
Why "Salavat's Cave". According to the legends, Salavat Yulayev's detachment - the national hero of the Bashkirs - was hiding in the cave. Idris village is located in the Salavat district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The district is so named after the legendary hero who was active in these places. Meanwhile, Salavat Yulaev was born in Tikeevo, closer to Ufa.

Curiously, there is another Salavat cave downstream along the Yuriuzan River! She is completely different and few people know about her.

Why "Cave Palace". The cave looks like a castle on a rock, when you look from the foot of the rocks.

Why they call the cave Kissiatash. Kissyatash is two Bashkir words - kieү (cut) and tash (stone, rock). The literal translation is a "cut rock". Look at the photo of the cave above. The rock looks as if it were cut with a giant knife. That is why this name.

Why exactly do not I know Krasnopolskaya. But, I suspect that the basis of the name was the color of the clay near the cave and in the cave. The clay here is bright red. Above the cave there is an extensive field. Probably a lot of the same red clay in the field. From there the name. I will be grateful if someone confirms or refutes my guess.

From the entrance to the right a narrow passage to the balcony at the cave leaves. On this balcony visitors like to do selfie in the window. Sometimes, queues for photographing are built.
View upstream of the river Juruzan in the right "window".
View downstream of the river. Left window.
On the outcrop at the Eastern window and there are ancient images made in red ink. For the first time Fig. surveyed in the 1930s by M. I. Kasyanov. In 1951, the cave was visited by M. A. Bader. Three anthropomorphic figures in its published copies of O. N. Bader and V. A. by oborina, which was dated image of the Mesolithic. Petrini V. T. and V. N. Shirokov in the early 1980s copied the remains of nine anthropomorphic figures very poor state of preservation. In the arrangement of figures can be traced to the pairing. In 1987 in a vast dark cave, 15 m from the entrance NR. Shirokov hole was drilled 1x_1,5 m. In sandy-loam deposits discovered a thin layer of coal, a major otshchep triangular shape and the shard. At the faunal remains of the cult. horizon Dating from the late upper Paleolithic.

In 1975, V. T. 1990 by Petrini, Vladimir Stepanovym, S. E. by Chirkina and V. N. Shirokov was not opened earlier]. image at the foot of the rock under the cave. Identified 14 groups Fig., mn. of which are expressive of the composition. Under one of the panels with the ancient Fig. V. N. Shirokov excavated across an area of 13 sq. m. Discovered stone tools and pottery from the Eneolithic to the iron age, the shattered bones of animals — deer, elk, bear, North. deer and NEK-ryh other, as well as fragments of human bones and pieces of hematite, from-cerned manufactured paint to create images.

Idresource the tract in ancient times, long served as a cult center (sanctuary), local us.

From myself I will add that now all the rocks around the cave so tightly painted modern vandals, it's unlikely you'll be able to find the pictures which were found by scientists.

To get into the first grotto, it will be necessary to kneel. The passage is very low.
The walls of the first grotto are made of the same "cut" stones as the rocks outside. Moreover, the walls here resemble a masonry of stones! I even heard from the visitors the story that some ancient builders have put everything together from the blocks, and for many millennia the stones have warped and now look like the creation of nature. Judge for yourself. I'll show you the photos of the walls.

The walls of the cave in the first grotto.

Behind the high first grotto, a low turn starts, where one can not stand upright. Here it is necessary to go "a walker", as speleologists say. This means that we lean forward and go in this position. It's like how chimps move.
The height of the moves. At some point, you have to go from crawler to crawl. Pay attention to that brightest red clay on the floor. The walls were smeared by visitors.
Mondmilh on the cave roof. This is not mold, as it may seem. This is a special condition of the stone. Mondmilh, if you touch it, looks like cottage cheese. If you collect a lot of it in your hand, you can squeeze water out of it. But, do not scrape it! This substance is very long formed. Traces of fingers will grow over decades.

In the village of Idris, right on the road between the cave and the highway there is a water source. Be sure to stop there and collect water. It is mineralized here and very tasty.
The source is clearly visible. It is to the left of the road when you are driving from the cave. It has a name - Zuliakh Shishmye, which literally translates as Zuleikha the Source.

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