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The largest lake with an area of 23.5 square miles, located in davlekanovsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The lake is located on the site of a large sinkhole, which had gradually filled the underground and snow waters. The water in the lake contains large amounts of minerals, clear, and odorless, but tastes slightly salty. The length of the lake Aslykul is 8 km, width 4 km, the Average depth is not more than 5 meters.

Translated from the Bashkir "Asylykul" (Asylykul) means "the bitter lake". The name lake was because of the taste of water. The Western and southern shore of the lake situated at the foothills of Nuratau mountains, the entrance to the water are steep rock cliffs. The coast of the Northern part of the lake is covered with reeds and swampy. The lake surrounds mixed forest. Near lake Aslykul is sulphate-calcium mineral spring Alga - spring, whose waters have medicinal properties. Spring is a natural monument.

Recreation and fishing

Aslikul lake is popular among fishermen and hikers, lovers of summer recreation.In warm time of the year you can always meet vacationers with tents. Almost all the shores covered with sand and small pebbles, which makes this place suitable for a beach holiday. The most popular place for camping at lake Aslykul located near the village Chuparosa, where few tourist lodges. The cost of accommodation on camp sites - from 500 to 3500 rubles per day per person. The cafe is not at all camp sites. Possible accommodation on the campsites (tent camps) - the service is also paid, which includes garbage collection, toilets and Parking on site. Firewood is a problem. The lake is located in conservation areas where logging is prohibited. A bundle of firewood costs 150 rubles.

Fishing on the lake aslykul popular with fans, but recently tourists with fishing rods, no luck. Previously the pond had many fish here caught a pike, burbot, perch, crucian carp and other fish. The last time the fish became less and catch it only with the boat away from the shore.

Within walking distance from the lake, about 4 km to the West is another attraction - a waterfall of Charlema. In addition, it is possible to climb the small mountains surrounding the lake - from there opens a picturesque view of the surroundings. At the nearest tourist camp you can book excursions and rent a catamaran, boat, or jet skiing.

How to get

The nearest large settlement is the city Davlekanovo. To reach lake Aslykul (coordinates and location see the map) on the road 80Н-011 (Buzdyak-Davlekanovo) heading North approximately 17 miles to the village of Oleksandrivka. It is necessary to take roads to the West and drive about 12 km to the village of Alga.

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