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Mechet'-medrese «Lyalya-Tyul'pan»


Mechet'-medrese «Lyalya-Tyul'pan»

The mosque-madrasah "Lialya-Tulip" is located in the northern part of Ufa, at the entrance to Chernikovka. But two tall white minarets of the mosque, crowned with red buds of tulips, are visible from different points of the city.

The height of minarets "Lala-Tulip" is 53 meters. Several times a day from the minarets, the muezzin calls on believers to pray.

At the heart of the architectural project of the mosque is the desire to show one of the main symbols of the Muslim world - the bud of the spring tulip that has not yet blossomed. A beautiful and at the same time a strict and modern building "Lala-Tulip" appeared in Ufa in 1998. Construction was conducted almost ten years.

The building consists of three floors, at the top there is a prayer hall for 500 people, and separately for the Muslim canons is a balcony for women. It can accommodate about 200 people. The entrances to the prayer halls for men and women are different.

The floor in the prayer hall is lined with carpets, and stained-glass windows are inserted into the windows. The walls of the mosque are covered with marble.

"Lala-Tulip" is not only a mosque, but also a modern Muslim educational center. Under one roof there are madrassas (a specialized school with educational classes), a hostel for students, a conference hall and a dining room.

The mosque "Lala-Tulip" is known all over the world - the supreme mufti of Russia is from here reading his sermons during the great religious holidays. His speech is broadcast throughout the country and abroad.
Mechet' «Lyalya-Tyul'pan» nakhoditsya v okruzhenii zelenogo parkovogo kompleksa, chto pozvolyayet sovmestit' yeye poseshcheniye s priyatnoy progulkoy.

Adres: Ufa, ulitsa Komarova, 5.

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